• No.1 Signature Ceramic Candle
  • No.1 Signature Ceramic Candle
  • No.1 Signature Ceramic Candle

No.1 Signature Ceramic Candle


No.1 Signature Ceramic Candle


 Our distinctive ceramic vessels have been made by Australian ceramist Jenn Johnston Ceramics for Frankie Organics. Celebrating natural beauty by bringing the art of organic, raw luxury to your home.

Each ceramic vessel has been hand poured in our studio with our signature scent formulated with pure Australian essential oils. A synergistic blend specifically formulated to revive and uplift the mind.

Fill your space with notes of;

~Roman Chamomile
~Patchouli & Jojoba oil

A synergistic blend of essential oils to create an uplifting, calm and herbaceous atmosphere.

When the wax is completely melted, the ceramic vessel can serve its traditional purpose to be used around the home or store precious objects. Simply take off the base of the wick and gently clean.

Each ceramic vessel stands at about 7cm high and approximately 8cm wide.

Burn time approximately 35hrs. 


How To Use Me

    Always trim your wick to 5mm before lighting your candle to ensure you receive the maximum burn time.

    When burning your candle for the first time, allow the wax to melt until it reaches the edges of your vessel before extinguishing approximately 2hrs. This will create a candle memory with a clean and even burn.

    Never leave your candle burning longer than 4 hours at a time. 

    General care

    Never leave burning candle unattended.

    Burn candles away from draught on stable level surface away from children and pets.

    Discontinue use when the wax reaches 1-1.5cm from the bottom of your vessel.